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What an interesting collection of things to decorate your parents basement with.

The "Armor of god" coin deserves it's own page.


I still get their junk mail even though it's been almost a year & have have asked them MULTIPLE times to remove me from their SPAM list....

Anyways, In other news.......


Ah, the days of being 13 and the more spikes your wall mounted dagger has, the deadlier it could be.


In for two Armor of God coins. Great gift.


As of now (09:52 Eastern), this deal has been viewed 602 times but has been clicked 3140 times. How is that possible?


@whitewind: That's easy, if you click on the link on the main page it takes you directly to the site bypassing the deal page. You have to click on comments to get here.


The budk site is crashing my IE 9 browser, be careful it could be something unfriendly there today. PS I have been to budk's before without any problems.


@mybestuser1: The real question is "what DOESN'T crash IE?"


USE BACE2280 for $4.99 flat rate shipping.

You can only use (1) coupon code so don't use the code given in the description... you don't need it for the buy one - get one deal anyhow.