dealsteam c125 64gb usb 2.0 flash drive for $29.99…


ugh! all I want is the 3.0 version of this and I am sold!


@bluegti02: If it's any consolation, I posted a 32GB USB3.0 drive yesterday. Still active. Click my user name.


We couldn't get the link to work for a minute there so we expired the deal. The link was working a minute or two later so we unexpired it.

Our apologies for any inconvenience.

All told.


@bluegti02: Why? Do you think the IO speeds of this device exceed that of USB 2.0?


Can you just imagine how long it would take to dump 64Gb through a USB 2.0 connection? What were they thinking?


So I guess my post was no consolation. Not sure why that would offend someone though. lol

@cavimike: A bit over an hour. Don't know too many people who copy 64GB of data repeatedly on the reg. Maybe a bunch initially, but usually much smaller bits there on out.


A large USB 2.0 drive is still very useful for streaming media. I keep an external USB 2.0 drive plugged into my blu-ray player full of my kid's (legally ripped) movies. It might be USB 2.0, but still better than swapping out DVDs.