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This would help solve our DVD/Blu-Ray/Game storage issue, but I'm not fond of the look, and am sure the wife would be even less so.


Finally! Something to go next to my 8 track player.


I've dropped off at least 200 old CDs for recycling, and another several dozen for sale at used CD stores, in the past two weeks alone. I could have used this around 10 years ago but it has no value to me in 2013.


@lparsons42: That's why it's so cheap...

my kids would use it to store games and movies, but it would probably get broken quickly. We'll stick with the 3 ring binder.


@lparsons42: I'm guessing that explains the price drop. Personally, I'm trying to decide whether to grab one or two. I've yet to convert my entire collection to digital, and my OCD side is drooling over this option.


$15 for budget shipping. PASS


@lparsons42: That's a great time to buy CDs! I now buy a lot of CD's used and new and then convert them to looseless digital formats (FLAC mostly). It's much cheaper than buy a MP3 for $0.99 each off iTunes, Amazon etc. and quality of the sound is better.

Having said that Discgear gadget has no use to me as the actual CD rarely get used and kept in storage anyway.