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May I suggest Glory of Heracles, Valkyrie Profile, and Space Invaders Extreme 2 as your 3 games? The rest pretty much blow.


You can get those 3 you listed on amazon for $35-- the kit itself is kinda whatever if you ask me. Wal-Mart bundle deals are rarely that great.


Wow, a choice of three steaming hunks of crap and a car charger? I'll take 5.


@valianteffort: Since I just woke up, I first read that one as Glory Hole... Good thing I rubbed my eyes and re-read it.. I just couldn't see myself buying any of those games as part of a bundle.. I'd much rather get 1 or 2 other games that I'd want to have a real choice of and get the $20 kit separately..


@devexityspace: Walmart system bundles are sometimes pretty good. You can get systems for their MSRP + gift card + free game(s) on occasion.

Any pure "game bundles" blow though, as seen hear, as do games you can "add on" to a system. They're inevitably games that Walmart just can't get rid of, and they try to make them seem more appealing by bundling them together.

If anyone is actually considering buying this, I'd highly advise heading over to Amazon and checking out the prices.