dealsbach: complete organ works: walter kraft: 284…


WOW -- quite a deal -- sound quality is very good -- ITunes matched many of them


Pro: Great deal & good quality. Con: No apparent way to play or download without installing "free" Amazon Cloud Player bloatware.


@timothydwyer1: Yeah, that's why I never buy download music from Amazon. If they didn't force that player on me I would be a regular customer.


@bigelowb: what do you mean force the player on you? The downloader is annoying, but i just download the mp3 files from amazon, close the application, then play on whatever media player i choose?


@tx149: I think what @bigelowb and @timothydwyer1 are referring to is the new Amazon Cloud Player for PC, basically Amazon's answer to iTunes. It replaces the less intrusive Amazon MP3 Downloader that they used to offer, although that's still availabe here:

Going into the Web Cloud player and selecting download for one track, Amazon does give the option of downloading a track without any additional software, although doing this for 284 tracks would be somewhat annoying.


Do you need to get the complete set of Bach's organs? I just want his spleen.


@nords: Actually Walter Kraft is a mediocre musician. He very well may be a good educator but his Bach is uninspiring and plain.
I've found these Amazon reviews are much more on point