dealsamazon kindle fire at office depot (in store only…


Great deal! Come on Amazon - please permanently lower your own prices. ;-)


Title is misleading. Coupon is for all tablets, not specifically the Kindle Fire.


@mschauber: The term "misleading" is not appropriate. I am not misleading anyone. I am simply highlighting the best way to take advantage of a deal. Also, I do mention that the coupon works for all tablets.

Here is the rationale behind the listing and title. The Kindle Fire is the only tablet that Office Depot sells that is not regularly on sale or found for a lower price at other stores or on websites. That makes the coupon much more valuable when applied towards a Kindle Fire rather than any other tablet Office Depot sells.

In my opinion, $25 off any of their other tablets is not really much of a deal.


@mschauber: Misleading? Ummmm, maybe. The coupon's a bonus if you want a different tablet, yes? Clicking on it did 'lead' you to that info. Can't speak for the OP, but I imagine the Kindle was specifically named because it's the one that's so hard to find on sale.

Edit: Just saw OP's response. GMTA :-)


@wnyx585am: Sorry, misleading has negative connotations which I didn't mean. Brain is only working at weekend speed, was the best I could come up with at the time, lol.


@gmwhit: Kindle fires at retail price are actually sold about $1 less than what they allegedly spend making them, they hope to really get money back and profile on the digital content revenue... I'm shocked that it's this low, great sale OP!