dealslonghorn steak knives, set of 6 for $7.99


oops. forgot to mention to use code UPROM11


Bought these the last time they were advertised, and they're a fine deal.


just got some but i didn't need the promo code. 11.67 after shipping. would there have been an additional discount?


@smittygun1: It would've knocked off an additional few cents. Nothing major.


Thanks for the code! I bought 2 sets and it saved me $1.60- every little bit helps!

vote-for1vote-against these, just bought 2


So you don't just take a couple every time you go out to eat?


@sskarstad: Funny you say that because when I was little my friend’s parents used to take us out to outback and make us little kids steal them every time. I was only like 10 so I didn’t really get it but makes me think now, if they had the money to take us there why didn’t they just buy them lol