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Wow! 6.5K!! Does it cook breakfast too?


I was hoping that was just an unfortunate typo.

I agree. Unless this TV also works as a magical portal to my favorite TV and movie stars' bedrooms, I don't see justification for the price.


This is a Panasonic Professional Display that usually retails for about $9,000, so it is a good deal for the right buyer. Typical usages are digital signage, board rooms, etc.


Why'd anyone buy this open box item ?

Buy a new 70" Vizio Smart HDTV from Sam's -


Lol, does it qualify for square trade? That 90 day warranty would make me a bit nervous (if I were to drop 6-10K on a display)


It is a decent display for its size in professional installations where a projector isn't feasible . . . you can find them NIB as low as $8k. I wouldn't buy this as an "open box" under any circumstance. This is very much a board room / industrial / signage use display and will NOT be a good choice for a home theater . . . as a medical imaging device in a classroom it works beautifully, and we offer them as an upgrade in several of our packages. We have sold a few, and they are trending towards needing service after ~700 hours, so we will probably drop them from our next year's catalog. Very much not a unit for in-home use . . .


@fpividal: That Vizio is not the same as this Panasonic.


Why would anyone buy this when they can get a 1080p projector and a 135" screen for under $1000?

I guess the only draw back to projectors would be that the room needs to be darker than a typical living room. Also, trying to game at 60fp/s, (common in most fps pc games).