dealsredbox: free video game rental for $0.00


how long is the coupon/code good for do you know? Can I hold on to it until this weekend?


Ok just searched the internet and discovered it's good until 8/1/12. So I went ahead and got one. It is in fact got until 8/1/12. Go ahead and get it now and save it until a game comes out you want to try or the stock in your favorite redbox fills back up.


This is great. It looks like I'll be doin' some super slow-mo bullet-time action this weekend! Actually I'll probably be painting or mowing or something like that... My priorities are all messed up.


Like a charm. Just text them "stop" afterwards so that you won't be receiving more texts from RedBox.


Many of you might be wondering "what games would be well suited for a 1 day rental?"

To this end, I discovered
All of the following games have a main story completion time of under 9 hours:
Portal 2, Bastion, Super Mario 3D Land, Mirror's Edge, The Secret of Monkey Island, Amnesia the Dark Descent, Sonic Generations, Ico.

Also most AAA Shooters have pretty short main stories: Uncharted 1 and 3, Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm, Modern Warfare 1, 2, and 3, and Black Ops, Killzone 3, Battlefield 2 and 3, Half Life 2 Episodes, Left 4 Dead.


So just get it for one day game.


@vorosh: Super Mario 3D Land has at least double that content after you get through the main story and unlock more. But they don't rent 3DS games at Redbox, do they?

I do recommend New Super Mario Bros. Wii. There's a fun multiplayer challenge mode with up to 4 players. I don't recommend 4-player cooperative, though. Stick with 2 or less.


Just bought the refurb Kinect sensor, so this will be a perfect companion for trying a game out. Thanks!


I'll be renting Skyrim. I think I'll be able to beat it in one day.


@sethdomenic: only if you play the main storyline. i put 200+ hrs in and am only 75% of the way, but i played through all missions...


The last free code i got so I could rent a game I ended up getting Saints Row The Third. I go so hooked on the game that I rented it for 3 days and then went and bought it.


Worked after I got my iPhone to stop autocorrect the tryus without a space. Used mine to try the kinect part of tc grfs highly disappointed in the final product, but this deal saved me $60


@brashattack: If you're interested, RedBox gives free Rental codes all the time! And alot of times theirs discount codes.


Still a good deal. I just texted it and got a code


Still working, just got mine! :)