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thanks! i love p.f. chang's but this place is still great food and much less expensive. p.s. the crab won tons are awesome.


Same food as PF Changs...1/2 the price.


I only ate at PF Changs once. I ordered spring rolls, and when I asked for fish sauce to dip them in, the waiter told me this was a Chinese restaurant and they didn't have tartar sauce. The smug attitude combined with complete ignorance was entirely too much for me. I prefer local family-owned restaurants anyway.

I haven't tried Pei Wei's. I have been avoiding them because they put my favorite family-owned Thai place out of business. There was no malice, they just opened in the same strip shopping center and everyone went to the glossy, trendy chain instead of the scruffy little home-cooked place. But it's been a couple of years so I guess I can give up my boycott now.


sometimes i'm really at a loss for how things like my last comment get down voted on this site. oh well, the crab won tons are still delicious regardless...


Thanks to all posters, I was becoming curious about Pei Wei, but I think I'll go looking for the family owned Thai place instead. Better food,better atmosphere.


@ama13877: i don't blame you for sticking to the locally owned but if you get the chance, you should try both. i like trying new things but sometimes it's nice to go somewhere and know you'll get some good grub.


@mandklewis: Somee people downvote everything they don't like. Personally, I am glad different people have different tastes. If everyone liked the same things I do I couldn't get a seat at my favorite restaurants.


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@moondrake: Right on! Cheers to you both! Just want to add that I don't eat at P. F.'s because of the price and, Jesus H. Christ, have you ever seen the sodium content of their food??? Off tha freakin' charts man!
But I shall take advantage of this fine deal regardless. :P


@dnlkolender: Soy sauce is very high in sodium and likely makes a major appearance in their recipes.


Can't hear the name without thinking of Pee Wee Herman's name with some Texas twang. (Sorry, the entire URL isn't hyperlinking - might need to copy to view).


Was this chain started by Dan Monahan after his fame in Porky's?


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@jwildman16: Thanks, that makes it even easier!