deals50% off a selection of bodum kitchen items




The site is not bogus! Here is a link to more than 50% off with coupon available. AND . . . the coupon code is listed right on the product page. Voted 1 way up to NEGATE your wrong vote. Sorry!


"Your search for bodum did not match any products."

Way BOGUS site ..... voted one way down to negate your wrong vote. SORRY !!!


@hartmanmf: Oh, for heaven's sake, chill out, please. Bon-ton is a very old chain of stores in the North and Northeast US. I've shopped in them myself.

The link is bad. It happens sometimes. If you're interested in Bodum kitchen gadgets, use this one instead:

As far as I can tell, the "free shipping" is only for orders for $75 or more.


Bon-Ton site says the deal is only good until the 26th of July. We are way past that date.


Bon-Ton site says the deal is only good until the 26th of July. We are way past that date.


@magic cave: Thanks for the clean link. I've gotten some great deals from this site. Will check this sale out!


@belyndag: My pleasure. I love Bon-Ton. Shopped in their stores when I used to Up Nawth on business, and now shop on their website instead.


@queenybee: Hi! It's always nice to see a brand new member jump right into a discussion. You don't really need to post your comment twice, though. We all saw it the first time.

The 25% off code SASTWD14JLA worked just fine for me on top of the already discounted price. There's even a text box on the shopping-cart page which says that code is good through August 2. Which code did you try to use that didn't work?


Prices cheap on Amazon on the knives and french press


@hartmanmf: Sorry, you are still wrong! The evidence is in the number of down votes you have gotten and the confirmation by others that it is a real deal from a longtime BaM retailer's website. Search Bon-ton and you'll find plenty of info to verify they are legit and have been around for decades. Also, the new box at the side of many results pages (if you use Google) shows what others search for at the same time and it shows good company such as Macy's and Kohl's.

Maybe you need to go back to Interweb school. SHEESH!


Just what exactly are we all going to put in our Bodums?


@tggb3k: I always put coffee in my Bodum! Best way to get caffeine stimulation!


Bon-ton is a very well known department store in many parts of the country. I often purchase here when they have good coupons with sale items. Takes only a few minutes to search for Good sale items sell out fast, especially when put on certain sites. If this sale was posted on one of those sites it may have sold out.


The deal is obviously legit. However, the prices, even with the extra 25% off and the free shipping are still more expensive than plain old Amazon. At least that's the case for every item I checked, which is pretty much every Bodum french press I could find. I do like Bodum and I do like the store, but you can do better elsewhere. Just sayin!


For the two french presses I bought, this deal was better than Amazon. The 8 cup press was 17.99 with free shipping (and I did not have to order over $75 for that to work. Just applied the code), and the same one on Amazon was $23.


@tggb3k: Personally, I like Illy medium or dark roast. I think it has a better flavor than a lot of other brands of coffee, but then again, I am also partial to Italian coffee.


I found that amazon was still a better deal for me. I was looking at the coffee grinder, and 3 cup brazil. the coffee grinder was $4 more even with the coupon and the 3 cup was cheaper then what amazon has but with the shipping it was about a week behind amazon. Zappos also has the 3 cup for cheaper than the discounted one.


@hartmanmf: you have issues. please talk to your case manager.


Same press for $17 and free shipping here at Zappos: