dealsthinkgeek: $5 off $30 or $10 off $60


And still more expensive than other sites.


But they have a rewards program...points that expire before you can place another order to use them


Rumor has it that these expire tomorrow. I'm tempted to get that Portal 2 hoodie now, but it's still too much :P


There are always coupons for this site (better ones, I might add) on retailmenot.

For example: nextorder gives 5 dollars off 25 and 10 dollars off 40.

Thinkgeek is pretty expensive, but if you buy the right stuff (mostly clearance priced stuff) and use a coupon, it's not a bad deal. Shipping charges always suck on that site. That and I've gotten neat things from the reward program. :3 Yay caffeinated soap!


@aoviss: O'rly? Currently, 300 of my points that were earned probably well over a year ago are scheduled to expire in 2013.

I'm Preeeeetty sure I can mange to use them before then. Though to be fair, after reviewing my history, I've lost about 2000 points over the years.

Further reading from

"Geek Points earned on or after the date of your enrollment (including any retroactive Geek Points as noted above) shall be subject to expiration after thirteen (13) consecutive months without purchases on your ThinkGeek account or at thirty-six (36) months after the date on which said Geek Points accrued, whichever comes first. Expired Geek Points will be deducted from your Account. No refunds, credits or extensions will be given for Geek Points that have expired."


# Your current points: 1,975 (See detailed geek points history)
# Uh oh! 25 of those points will expire if you don't make another purchase by 10/04/2013 10:35 AM EST!

Anyone want some of that soap? I don't know if I could use it before then.