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Well, I've now officially had my VH2 for 2 days now. So far so good. I do think I prefer my Delonghi "radiator" heater overall, but it does what it is supposed to do: Heat an area. No, the air coming out of the heater is not HOT per se, but in our poorly designed/heated entry area, I've actually had to turn it down a bit (it was about half way to its highest setting) as it was a few degrees hotter in the area than I wanted it to be. It makes the area usable or comfortable - which it most certainly is not without it. I'd say it's a 10°F temperature rise overall (it's a smallish area, but I don't want it too hot because our thermostat is just up the stairs from that area and too much heat would mess up the whole home's temperature.

Suffice to say, yes, I'd rather have another radiator heater there, but considering this is a LOT smaller (it's a small yet high traffic area) this is probably better overall. I like it and don't regret the purchase at all.


This is what I posted the last time this was sold. People generally agreed with this description so I think it accurately describes the difference between this whole room heater and a typical space heater.

From my own experience, this is not the kind of heater you sit under your desk or directly in front of you to get warm fast. Those are typical "blow hot air" space heaters.

This is one that you sit in the corner of the room and leave running to gradually bring the room up to a comfortable temperature and maintain that temperature by continually circulating the air in the room.


3.0 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. Polar opposites of 1's and 5's. But this is $27 cheaper here at woot than Amazon.


@thunderthighs: I have one of those regular "under your desk" space heaters and when I want to get the whole room warm, I run my Vornado fan (air circulator) near it. I have the fan pointed towards the ceiling to get the warmer air moving and jumbling around. It actually works really well to warm up the entire room in about 15 - 20 minutes.

I might have to actually get this so my under the desk heater can go back to its regular duties.


I have an older model of Vornado and I love it. But yes, it is neither a radiator nor a normal heat/push heater you'd use to get warm in proximity of (though you can aim it at yourself, and it will feel warmer than the air in a cold room). It is a bit more energy efficient than either of the other kinds as, once it hits its preset temp, it cycles down until the temperature starts to drop a bit, so it isn't running continuously, and also in how effective it actually is in heating the room. I feel like mine was worth every penny of the $99 I spent on it six years ago, so I'd say this one is a steal at the price (and actually I'm debating buying it as a backup)...

So again: NOT for getting near or pointing at you and feeling warm, EXCELLENT for heating a small room efficiently and well.


I have an older model of this that I bought at a garage sale a couple of years ago for $2. I've only tested it for 10 or 15 mins or so to make sure it works mechanically and does actually heat up, so I don't have any experience of it's efficiency. I thought it was worth having on hand just in case of a furnace problem in mid-winter, so I guess it was worth my $2.


I purchase one of these a couple of months ago on woots website and the little heater works great. So great that I purchase one for my mom at costco and then another one for our bedroom. Most of the time we don't turn on the heat because we use the little heater in the room we are in instead of heating the whole house. Utility bills have been much better this winter. This little heater puts out a ton of heat. When you first turn it on it does not seem like it is doing much but give it between 30-60 minutes to heat the room and it will keep it nice and toasty. It heats the whole room top to bottom not just in front of the heater. Thanks and enjoy your new heater!


Also was wary of the comments on Amazon. Took a chance and glad I did. Have a cold small room used for guests and naps (mine). Within 10 minutes it was as warm as the whole house. Not bad for the price.


I was hesitant to get this because of some of the negative comments but decided to try it anyway. My son has the absolute coldest room in the house (front corner). His room heated up beautifully and stayed that way all night. I am getting another one!


The heater isn't HOT but it will heat the room the same as if if were - here's the explanation...

This heater runs @ 750W or 1500W (low/high settings) and produces the EXACT same amount of heat as any other 750W/1500W space heater. However, this one has a fan built in to help dissipate this heat around the room.

So, let's say you set this unit next to a 'typical' space heater and turn them both on. If you feel the heat coming off the 'typical' space heater, it will feel warmer because all the heat is rising in the same concentrated spot. This heater, with it's built in fan, will feel cooler because the same amount of heat being produced is immediately being 'thrown' by the fan into the room. However, it will heat the room the same (or faster) than a traditional space heater.

You can leave the fan on or set to auto but the heating element is always controlled by thermostat.

I like the fan but I ordered two of these - one works and one arrived DOA so I can't 100% endorse it.


I've been using mine almost nightly since I got it and from day 1, I've been having an issue with the "auto" feature not working properly.

Thought I had a defective unit but looks like I have the exact same issue as this Amazon reviewer with his 8 units:

I guess it's just a really sucky design flaw.