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This doesn't seem to have HDMI or any type of S/PDIF digital sound input (RCA or TOSLINK). It only has 3 separate pairs of analog inputs for only one device. Pretty hard to hook a TV to this then.

I don't understand all of the positive votes. Do people realize what they are voting for?


I have purchased a similar unit from these guys TS512, paid more, I was very happy with it. Used RCA cables from my flat screen to connect. I have it hooked up to our television in our Master Bedroom. I like the bass, had to purchase extender cables for the rear speakers.


This looks comparable to the Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System model. the specs have the same output 40HZ - 20KHZ Frequency response as this one. Never heard of the manufacturer (Home theater?) however Logitech has quality stuff.


Rarely a good sign when all of the "customer" reviews are very positive, from the same date, and just happen to cover a shockingly wide spectrum of conditions. Amazon reviews on this one are probably more accurate.


These are the types of fake speakers a scam artist will tell you are worth a grand or two but will make you the deal of your life for $100 or blah-dollars.

Stay away from this garbage-fest.

Clues: No name or unheard of brand. outrageous MSRP's. It's a 5.1. (5.1 newbies make great victims as they crave the surround sound status.)

Walgreens/CVS sells better systems with a DVD player included usually. Usually cheaper too.

A guy with audio/electronics background.