dealsrefurbished nook wi-fi ereader by barnes and…


Already sold out! However, there is a $99 dollar offer for a refurbished NOOK by the same seller.


I don't know if it's sold out or if they just accidentally put the wrong price then realized it and cancelled the item. $99 is still a good price though :-)

vote-for1vote-against has the Nook 3G + WiFi for $99 today, and you can take another 15% off with a coupon code. You'll need to buy the cheapest item you can find to get the total over $100 (so the coupon will kick in). I picked one up for $86.20 with free shipping this morning. That's only $6.21 more than the WiFi-only model on eBay, so still a really good deal.

Let's see: Search for 13188373 for the Nook and 12972665 for a $1.21 screen protector (to activate the coupon). The coupon code is 149418

That should end up at $86.20 out the door, unless you have sales tax issues of something.