dealssennheiser hd 239 3.5mm connector on-ear stereo…


Is there a way to delete that Boombug SPLW11-8 YLW Portable Mini Premium Speaker? I really don't wan't that.. I just want the headphones..


@developer1: Why bother it's free? I always get free crap from new egg I didn't know about when I order from them. Just give it to some kid and make them thing you are Santa Claus. btw they are actually paying you to take it because there is another 5 dollar rebate on it.


@riothero My problem is that I'm not from USA.. So I don't wan't to pay extra shipment from something I actually don't need...


I would get these if I didn't have a pair of V-Moda and Bose headphones. (Very pricey ones)

It is very tempting though and would recommend to people that don't want to spend premium on headphones.

I saw a couple of reviews on Amazon and they were pretty good.