deals405nm 5mw blue / violet laser pointer pen beam…


Bought it. Thanks. A lot of great reviews.


I have one of these UV Lasers and it is bright and powerful. Almost too powerful. Like it hurts your eyes if you look at the dot too long. But it charges the hell out of anything that glows in the dark. So I followed the link and bought a green one from the same company instead. When I get it (some time next month) I will begin a new reign of terror on the neighborhood cats. Mwa Ha Ha!


@matkyne: I agree on how the blue/violet ones almost seem too bright, and you are absolutely right about how they charge glow-in-the-dark items with a quickness.

Be careful with the green lasers and NEVER shine them in your eyes or at a mirror directed towards your eyes. Your night vision is very sensitive in the green wavelengths, so the green lasers are fantastic for pointing out stars at night, but even the "weak" ones are strong enough to cause problems.

Also, don't be one of those idiots who shine them at airplanes. You'll ruin it for everyone.