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soooo...this is posted by their own company to this website. Has anyone actually purchased from them before and can vouch for them? It is only 3 dollars, but moreover, am I just going to get spammed like crazy by purchasing from them? Hmmm....


@xerokills: we actually prefer that sites post their own deals as themselves, instead of creating shill accounts to "convince" us that it's someone else.

I don't think I've purchased anything from them, but as with any order you think you might get spammed on, just use a separate email account. There are free temporary, gmail is free. I created a separate gmail account for just such an occasion. It allows me to ignore all the spam, but I can still go in and access order emails later, if necessary. Just a thought.

And no judgement on these folks (as I said, i don't think I've bought from them yet), but, when in doubt, use paypal if possible.


Likely, by time you get this, the Olympics will be over. At that point, kind of passe.


I have purchased from them a few times with no issues. Fast shipping and quality products. In fact I have purchased stylii like these (other colors) and am very satisified. My email has not been spammed.... hope this helps.


I also bought from these guys recently. Actually, it appears as though they took the stylus I bought for 99 cents and put a ring through the hole on top for this set. The stylus is good, and even though I got the free economy shipping (free when you buy five items off the site- like five 99 cent stylii) the order came quickly.

No issues at all.


I've purchased from all4cellular 3 times now ($40 BT headsets). They're a delight to work with, not had a problem yet.


When I looked at the product by clicking on the picture, I found that there are holes punched in the top of the stylus but NO rings are part of it. They are selling the COLORS of the Olympics in five stylus'.


Here's the description:

Touchscreen Olympic Themed Stylus 5 Pack, featuring five pen-sized metal styluses in each of the colors of the Olympic rings (blue, black, yellow, green, and red).

The photos show the holes but no rings.


don't expect too much from these cheap stylus, amazon has some cheap 3-pack for $0.60 plus free shipping but they seem to be crap.

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