dealswilderness survival flint / fire starter with…


Ooh, turning more of a profit by adding a bottle opener and upping the price by ten cents, I see! Clever, meritine. Clever.


Bottle opener? Really guys? If you cant open a bottle without a bottle opener then you have no business being in the wilderness or college for that matter.


Everyone knows that in the Wilderness you drink Dale's Pale Ale (or Old Chub) to help with the whole "Pack In Pack Out" theory. Bottles just get in the way. Still as others have pointed out, once you get the paint off of these, they are nifty. Especially if you light dryer lint.


@dusenj: Agreed- but Furious or Bitter Brewer fit the bill much better up in these parts.


Code no longer works. Dead deal.


Any good woodsman knows that when squirrels go all road warrior, the best defense is a fire. And if that doesnt stop them, you are going to want something remove the bottle caps that they use for helmet and shields.....


got one of these from meritline for 99c a couple of months ago, and used it on a camping trip at the end of May. It actually works great. Last time it took 12 days to arrive in California.


Those fire-starters are awesome, but Meritline's "first x orders" game is always a bait and switch.