dealstransforming scarf – can be worn in 30+ ways for…


I have a couple of these from a few years ago. They were $10 then. I cannot imagine them selling for $50.
This is not a great deal.


You can make a hat, or a brooch or a pterodactyl.


These are great when you want to have that dead dog on your head look.


style 1 appears to have created tittie tails. upvote assessed.


correct me if i'm wrong but this appears to be the thneed that the onceler created "/


This is great you can go on a vacation with them and they even throw in a 90 min Resort tour! What a great opportunity to show off your new fuzzy purple Burkah!


When you wear this, think of all of the truffula trees that have been cut down.


Dickie the Stick! The most amazing toy and tool you’ll ever own! For just $10 (plus shipping and handling) you can own an object whose entertainment and functional properties have been lauded by pharaohs, kings, heroes, adventurers, pirates and peasants alike. Dickie the Stick! Raised above your head he becomes… a baton! Conduct the orchestras of your dreams. Suspended between two shelves, it’s a towel rack! Placed just -so- against your spine… a back-scratcher! Buy two, and you can practice fencing with a friend. Jammed in the ground it transforms into a sundial! Practice your baton twirling with Dickie the Stick and then… voila! It’s an extermination tool, guaranteed to kill or maim rodents, bugs, cats, parrots, small raccoons and other household vermin. Dickie the Stick! A child’s friend, a handyman’s partner.”


Warning: This transforming scarf is actually a Decepticon. Buyers beware!


Can it be worn as a burkha or will my girl be stoned to death for wearing it?