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decent price but be careful. item description clearly says it has "significant scratches and scruffs" and is pre-owned. it does not say where those scratches and scruffs are. could be screen, could be case. Caveat Emptor on this one.


True true, but cowboom seems to have a 15 day return policy that includes shipping. That sounds pretty reasonable. If the damage is extensive, just ship it back to em.


@imtexmex: Do not buy that one. Wait for one with a better grade. You did read the post that says it is a FLASH sale, right? FYI, anything with a 5 or above is usually quite good.


I bought two of these same ones a few weeks ago for $35 each ($42 after shipping and tax). I kept the better one (both were very good and I would have been happy with either), and sold the other one on Craigslist for $90. That was exactly like cowboom paying my $5 to take a free Kindle.


Use to get the one you want.
There's one with "light wear" out there, missing the USB cord and charger.


I also bought one last week, grade 6. It is in PERFECT condition - couldn't believe that it was ever used. I think the screens are pretty durable and most people keep theirs in a case.


OH Sh$&!!! Wish I read the above comments BEFORE I bought one graded 4!!!!!!! Oh we'll I will wait and see if its garbage I will sent it back!


I bought a quality level 5 a few weeks ago for $35+$5 shipping.

I really had to look to find anything, just a little scuff on one side of the very bottom, like it had been dropped on the sidewalk from a foot up. Screen was perfect, border around the screen was perfect, charged normally, no screen issues in terms of clarity of text, and I'm still running on the initial charge, having read 175 pages on it so far and using both 3G and WiFi to download a couple dozen books over a few days (50% battery life left).

So, all in all, super satisfied with it. If this thing is considered a 5, I can't imagine how immaculate a 6 or higher must be.


another one that bought these a week or so ago for $35+$5ship. Box was definitely oversized, but kept it safe. Was graded at 5, but had no scratches on screen, no dents on corners, and no visible scratches on the rest of the unit. Only downside was that the battery was completely drained, leading me to think it was dead. I sold my paperwhite and bought this, so the major differences is that this older kindle processes pdfs much slower, and reading manga is less sharp, but still legible (except when the font size drops).


@coppertrial: Why did you sell your paperwhite? Just curious


I bought this deal when it was 35+5, but they sent me a non-3g version and when I complained about it they offered a return or partial refund. Make sure it's a 3g version.