dealsfree 1-year shoprunner membership for new members


Beat me to it.
I just signed up under my wifes name and got my second year free
I did not use it much at all the 1st year a lot of the items I tried to buy
for some reason did not qualify for shopprunner
lets see if I have better luck year 2


They don't say it, but apparently you can't use special characters in your password. Took me a while to figure out why it said my password was invalid.


Receive an extra 3 months by letting it have access to your throwaway email account.


For those of you about to end your free year and want to get this new free year on the same account:

1. Login with your current info. Go to your 'my account' page and click 'cancel membership' on the left. Click a few times and completely cancel your membership. (You'll get an email confirming your cancellation.)
2. Use the link above to sign up for a new year free. You can choose to use different info, but you can use the exact same email address and other info if you'd like. Don't forget to use the code RUNNER, as mentioned in the OP.
3. ???
4. Profit.