dealst-rex pen for $9.00


$16 after shipping.. not much of a deal


$9? $16? You're (profanity) me, right? This looks like it would cost you 20 tickets from the skeeball machine, next to the finger traps and spider rings.


@sl8763: No I'm not (profanity) you, I posted this because it was unique and interesting, especially for those who have paleontologist wannabes in their families, like me.


Why pay an $#^%* company more money than a crappy item is worth. I thought thats what was for :D

Better half is an anthro major, we have lots of goofy little dino palentology cro magnon type archeological dohickey's around here. Don't over pay busted for them. Go to the same place busted goes, CHINA!

Present Time Silly Triceratops Ball Pen $7.21--

Present Time Silly T-Rex Ball Pen $8.92--

Toysmith Dinosaur Novelty Pen $2.79+ $1.99 ship--


@belyndag: Just to be royally off topic

LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE - Fossils for Children - Starter Collection - 16 GENUINE fossils collection - Fossils for Kids - Ammonites, Dinosaurs and more - Educational Set - NEW Packaging

^^ That went on annual sale in Feb last year for $15. We have a sort of nifty hey it's random dino crap to play with mentality around here. Grabbed it on a whim and it was a lot of fun for the nephews to play with.


Oh well. I thought this was an enclosure for all of my T-Rex's. I guess I will keep looking...