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I'm not familiar with this brand. Is this supposed to be hispter wear for those who CC? What if you open carry?


I don't love the $10 shipping for the vest that I liked, but I've heard good things about their clothes


@ghostofdavid: 'Concealed' and 'carry' are separate keywords. If you 'open carry' a firearm you can wear anything you like, or nothing at all (the emperor's bodyguard has no clothes!). All SeV products have concealed pockets and you can carry anything you want in them.


@ghostofdavid: Not really. ScottEVest has been around since the early 2000s (at least) and I think of it as tech wear. The original premise was giving you a place to carry your gadgets and have places to run earbuds from your music player without having the cord flopping around.

I have several of their hidden cargo pants because I can't wear traditional cargo pants at work due to a business casual dress code. They look good and work very well. Unfortunately, this sale only looks like shirts and jackets.


I have had a Scott eVest jacket for 6 years or so now. They are really designed for frequent flyers, or anybody else who just wants plenty of pockets. The idea is that you put all your stuff in your pockets, then just shove the jacket in the bin at security, then move on.

I like the concept, and my windbreaker has held up quite well over the years (I just had to soak it in OxyClean last week, the cuffs and neck were filthy and it is good to go again). I'll probably get something a bit warmer on this sale: maybe the fleece.