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Compared to the first generation unit on Sellout today, this is a pretty good deal. Newer technology, free Angry Birds, makes me wish I had waited a couple more weeks to dip a toe into the Roku pond. Still considering putting the first gen in my daughter's room and picking up this one for the main tv. And really, it's less than the price of a month of premium cable. Sure, most of the streaming shows out there are last year's out on DVD, but if you've never watched early episodes of those shows, this is a great deal.


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I bought the woot deal from a couple of weeks ago, turns out a 'less new' model - the - Roku XDS - and I absolutely love it. I can get all my current, new, favorite shows 'next day' and I have found some really sharp and edgy Canadian tv shows, like ReGenesis and the very funny Endgame, through huluplus, $8 a month. I am really sold on this vs the expensive cable. Gotta figure out how to get ESPN without the cable. ANy ideas?


5% cashback if you use the Chase Freedom Card, though.
3% cashback if you use the Amazon visa.
I'll take the 5% w/ free 2 day shipping (prime) i/o use of discover.


I own two of these. This exact model and a reg "Angry Birds" edition. and I love them both. Great video streaming and the added usb port is handy for playing media from an external device.

My only complaint (minor one) is the remote. Since this is a gaming remote with motion sensing every time you pick it up it uses battery over all battery life is not where I'd like it to be. So when a non-game version of the remote like on other models was on sale at 1saleaday recently for cheap I picked one up.


@sterhill: If you own an xbox 360, they have an ESPN channel that shows the majority of ESPN programming, I think. I have it on my 360 but hardly use it.


why should I get this over appleTV for $99?


The price went upto 89.99 again on