dealsfissler 10.6qt pressure cooker (new) for $164.99…


Pressure cookers are unbeatable for cooking may things, Artichokes and Ham Hocks come to mind (but not at the same time) But they are a bit of a specialty item and they are widely available used in the $5-10 range. So for the $160+- difference you could probably buy all the food you would cook in it for the next few years. Food for thought<<< I made a funny


Cook's Illustrated has the 8qt. version of this cooker as its top-rated pressure cooker from its most recent comparison test. You could cook pretty much anything in a cooker this large. Also, the 8 qt. retails for $279 so not a bad deal. If I hadn't just bought a pressure cooker a couple months ago I'd buy this one.


It sure would have been nice for woot to offer this on moofi at the same time as the 6.5 quart you had on home.woot just this past Saturday, so people could choose the capacity they wanted!

I would have snagged the larger version, given a choice.