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I bought one of these 12 years ago and it's still going strong. Wouldn't trade it for the world. The batteries can be pricey unless you catch them on sale.


@erictreesh: They want $35 just for the battery. Here you get a spare charger and drill for $5 more than the battery alone.


I love mine. almost worth it to get a second as a spare. Heck, the battery and charger would be worth the price.


The better battery is the Li-Ion. I upgraded mine and the difference is amazing. Had to upgrade the charger as the old one didn't work on the Li-Ion batteries.

Found and posted a deal on them. This time if year you can sometimes find the two pack for about $69.


@mtm2: What you said. I love my Li-Ions, and the compact ones typically have far more reserve than I need for the task at hand - at a noticeable reduction in bulk and weight. And for those who don't know: as the NiCad offered here runs down, the drill's power will similarly drop so that your power drops roughly in proportion to your usage. OTOH, a LI-Ion delivers damn near full power till it runs out - it doesn't 'run down', it gives 90% or better till it dies.

But they cost about twice as much. I certainly haven't regretted paying the difference; all my add-on batteries have been Li-Ion. But this is still a good starter set.


I too own this drill. Paid much more than this many years ago. Drill still works great. Tons of power. But of course, the two original batteries are long gone. Picked up a replacement labeled made by Die Hard from Sears. It's been working well for the past couple years. At this price, you really can't go wrong.


Didn't need one, bought one... Can't overlook a good deal!


I picked up this same deal last year for the same price and so far and I am very happy with the quality. Might buy one and give as a gift.