dealsgraphic neoprene half-face masks for skiing, cold…


Only some of these state what color they reverse to. Do the designs reverse to plain?

Any reviews on these?


@enaych: My guess is that the other side is just black if it doesn't specify.


Meh. Found these on amazon with free shipping

Reviews are mixed; too many negative ones for me to take a chance on them.


Nice find, there are a hand full of us that ride and its starting to get cold up here in ND.

Sent a quick email around to the crew at work and 10 facemasks later...

Thanks again!


I got these the last time and was not that impressed. They smelled really bad (from the manufacturing process) and they were a bit small for my face. I could have just gotten a bad batch smell wise but I would imagine the size is still going to be a little on the small side.


@tsjolin: LOL! Can we persuade you to post a picture of the group with masks in place once they arrive?


Tanga says the retail price on these is $19.99 but on the manufacturer lists the MSRP as $9.98. For shame, Tanga.


Perfect for that Juggalo in you life thats not ready to fully commit..


I bought two from Tanga a while back, and been trying to warn everyone since- these are GODAWFUL.
(1) The neoprene is the stinkiest rubber I have ever been expected to put under my nose.
(2) The stitching was terrible (rough, poke-y, and loose).
(3) the nose hole was the size of a nostril, so I had to cut the mask to even get it to fit (I do not have a tremendously large head or anything. Or nostril.)

YMMV / you've been warned


@davejonas: Thanks for the feedback. Most people just downvote and don't bother to explain why.


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