dealsaltatac 24 hr. holiday hot deals: gifts, watches…


Hmm, let's see.... tons of downvotes, no comments, not crocs or airline tickets... Come on wooters, I thought we'd gone over this. Don't downvote without justification! What's wrong with this deal?


I didn't vote up or down, but I would imagine the downvotes are on account of it being ebay, and at first glance the prices aren't much better than Amazon. So where is the deal? I could be wrong, but if you're looking for an answer, that's the best I could come up with.


I think all the downvotes are reaction to Ebay not knowing what it really wants to be. It is just providing another store front to those places that do not sell very well in the first place. After all, Toys R Us is on Ebay, what does that mean?


@takethemeatbridge: I could see that being a likely reason. I didn't downvote it either but eBay is blocked for me at work so it definitely takes away any chance I might have had at upvoting it.