dealsdream spa luxury handheld shower head for $15.77…


I bought one during the last woot-off and this shower head works great. Granted, I've only had it for about 2 weeks, so I cant speak for its longevity, but it works great for me. I would buy it again if I had more than one shower.


@mt1083: I bought one from Woot and felt the same way when it showed up again on the Woot-off.

Should be noted:
- I also live in an apartment with TERRIBLE water pressure and have long hair. This has actually helped with rinsing the shampoo out and I didn't have to remove the Water Flow Regulator thing.
- I have never installed a shower head in my life. While it did take some pliers to get the old shower head off, this one installed in maybe ten minutes (breaks to read the instructions) with no tools at all.


I also got one on last woot off. I give it a 'ok' rating. The 'massage' function is weak and I had to remove the water regulator for more than a drizzle (crappy apartment water pressure). Target and Wallyworld both have comparable models in same price range.

I will say for an off brand it was well built and installed easily.