deals2 fandango movie tickets & a $10 subway gift card…


If each Fandango ticket is the equivalent of $6 then you're paying $12 for a $10 Subway card...

Also, everyone be wary with any online movie ticket deals as some of them have very short expiration periods. Be sure to check the deal out thoroughly first.


@elforman has a good point.

From the terms and conditions: "Promo Code expires February 12, 2012"

So make sure there's something you want to see in the next month. If so, seems like a reasonably good deal. (At least, when I compare $7 to the typical ticket prices around here.)


@elforman @rainbowshark @bryan3509: If you look at the "Fine Print" below the deal, it states "Fandango: Valid for use toward 2 tickets with maximum value of $12 per ticket (maximum total value $24)," and "Promo Code expires February 12, 2012." For SubWay this is stated, "SUBWAY®: Although the balance on a SUBWAY® Card never expires, your voucher must be redeemed within 60 days of purchase."
So, you're paying $24 for a $34 value. You're, basically, buying the Fandango tickets, and getting the SubWay card for free.