deals1.5 carat amethyst heart stud earrings with free…


Need a size reference? 5mm round studs on a model's ear at Overstock:

I've bought several things from Shadora, and have returned an order with no hassles. It's a fun, cheap treat.


@thewronggrape: Thank you - the size reference is much appreciated! Also note that these are silver-PLATED, not sterling. Those who might have sensitive ears should use caution.


I have these..And i love them...they are a bit lighter in color than the picture shows...still beautiful none-the-less. I got them from before i knew about woot. :)


How funny, I popped over to Shadora before coming on to Woot and was totally gonna post this deal, haha! These seem really nice, and the Amethyst Heart necklace they've got over there is really great too (and matches, of course!)


It's their deal of the day and will disappear at midnight. Their old links are occasionally active so you may still be able to get the deal here after 11:59 PM: