deals50"x60" fleece throw blanket for $2.69


Nice deal!
Perfect opportunity to help make a difference at shelters...coats, blankets and throws are always welcome.


I kept trying to buy three and "No, I would like to checkout as a guest" but the page would reload and keep asking for an email address.

Oh well, plenty of cheap gifts to be had elsewhere...


Ordered 4 of these to give to our local animal shelter. I went in and ordered as a guest and it worked fine for me.


@anthgothlz: They only want your email address to let you know your order is ready for pickup. I just ordered 4 and checked out as a guest but did give them my email address so they sent me a confirmation already. Order process was smooth sailing,going to keep a few of these in the car for the winter


I just ordered 15 to use as gifts at our food bank/shelter total cost was $40 and some change


Tried to order 4 but it would't let me. So I got 2 for $5.80. Good deal.


Ordered 10 blankets of various styles. Some for a few small gifts, the rest for donation. There is an animal shelter down the street that always needs donations. Great idea havocsback. Cheers everyone and happy holidays.


I was able to order 10 blankets no problems with the check out for adding the coupon code. will donate these blankets! Thanks!!!


@maggietffh: cause giving them to people is not cool anymore? Man America is so lost it treats its animals better than its children.


@tranceauf: Last I checked in America if "maggietffh" bought these with her/his own money she/he can do whatever they wants with them.


Just ordered 8. You can't buy fleece by the yard this cheap, and you can always use them in the car or donate them.


For the record, the ones that originally cost $8.99 also come down to $2.62 after adding them to cart and applying coupon code. It was a little unclear in the description.

Bought 12 as a guest, no problems.


Bought a bunch for my dogs...sweet!


@tranceauf: Its tragic that in your eyes the morality of the entire country hinges on a single comment that someone on deals.woot posted about donating fleece blankets to an animal shelter.


@havocsback: thanks for the idea! I'm in for 15 to donate.


Solid, another 15 to donate. Great post.


Bought 10 as a guest, no issues. Fantastic deal!


Who doesn't need more blankets for winter?


Thanks! Got 3 as guest for pickup :)


Picked up 3,good deal but keep in mind these are not really (adult)blankets they are only 50x60.


Great Deal! Thanks for Posting this!


When we break it down, people vs animals, most people forget to take into account animals being shoved in cages and completely unable to fend for their own survival thanks to overbreeding and uncaring/irresponsible people. While there are many humans who face similar circumstances, humans have the option of picking up their stuff and going somewhere else. While both groups are noble causes for donations, there is no shame in choosing animals over people. The majority of my donations through a year are for animals.

Out of spite for your stupid comment, I just purchased 10 blankets for the ASPCA across the street from me.

Edit: before a flaming comes about, I realize there is a large population of mentally ill individuals living on the street. Those are the folks that should be getting help.


Wow this was a great deal! I bought 5 in various colors, and used the mygofer in-store thing at checkout. They sent me an email in like 2 hours and said they were ready. Picked them up after work and these are great quality, not flimsy or thin! I used to never shop at Kmart, but the mygofer system was actually pretty awesome, and I definitely will consider kmart in the future.