dealschilis - kids eat free


holy crap, they're doing this almost every week now! used to only happen once, MAYBE twice per month. Anyway, order the 2 for $20, and you can get 4 kids' meals free, including the kids' drinks for $20 + tax and TIP. Chili's is one of the few restaurants that gives free refills on milk or chocolate milk.

Also, this can be used on to-go orders, so ummm... yeah, make sure you mention you have kids on to-go orders, wink wink nudge nudge.

REMEMBER, don't be a tool, tip fairly on the full pre-discount bill, PROVIDED the service warrants it, of course. ;)


Thanks for the heads up. Note to self: avoid Chilis from Aug 6-8.


@kamikazeken: OMG. You literally are 100% correct on everything! The refills on chocolate milk is unheard of. My bill is usually 20$ (2 adult entrees and appetizers for 20$ special) and 4 kids (all free). Can't beat it. I usually end up tipping about 8$ or so which is 20% of the PRE-discounted price.

They usually do this about once a month.