dealsburger king buy a whopper get 2nd for 55 cents


55 yummy years of the Whopper FTW!!


anyone know how much the first one will cost you? This is probably one of those "deals" where they up the price of the whopper from $.99 to 3.50 for this promotion only


I was told by BK that you can buy up to three whoppers for 55cents.


do you need a coupon for this?


No coupon needed. Does not apply to Whopper Jr.


why is this even here this is just an add! this is a national tc and internet promotion no coupon.


@pezzltj: Its 55 cents for the whopper after you buy a whopper... so you will have to pay full price for the first one or get a combo...
If I remember correctly, it was like $3.88 for a whopper... but I could be wrong... and it could be different at places near you...


Does anyone REALLY need 2 whoppers?


Lunch with a friend got cheaper.


So is it the OFFER that is fresh? Because their food certainly isn't.


Does not apply to whopper purchased via combo.

purchased this morning... they asked if I wanted the deal, so they would undo the combo I ordered and treat it as a la carte purchasing


@ajwasi: Some people have friends, are in a relationship, or are married. I can think of plenty of things two people can do with two sandwiches.


@atweigl: because this site is called, not This is for any deals that people might like even if they don't need a coupon for it.


I'd take advantage of this except BK just slashed my Boyfriend's hours, along with all other hourly associates, to under 28 hours so that they get out of paying benefits so they can save money. Yeah, save money on workers so they can pass the savings to consumers so they can then line their pockets. They are disgusting. I know this is a 'good deal' but at what cost to workers? :(


@omnichad: Friends... OK, I'll give you that one. But relationships or married? I'd like to think that most wooters would step their dating game up past BK....


@ajwasi: Does anyone REALLY need any whoppers? Gross.


@ajwasi If they're married, or w/ children, it's not really a dating game anymore, is it?


@mpb6990: I know many married couples that have weekly date nights, especially ones with kids


Last time I checked, I bought a handful of products from deals.woot without the need of coupons.
Furthermore, "deals" is defined as "an agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, esp. in a business or political context" (Webster's Dictionary; Google).
So no, coupons are not required in Deals.Woot.


@kllangellier: And notice how no one here gives a damn....

Nice... Happy holidays you bunch of selfish jerks!


@wittydrewy: Yes, you can get 3, original or cheddar cheese or angry, but you HAVE to get a regular whopper as the 55 cent ones.


@whoster69: Anyone else picture the people who claim to hate fast food posting with a half-eaten burger dangling from their sneering lips?


I get coupons all the time for buy 1 get 1 free, and I just trash them

Im guessing this buy 1 get one for 55 cents is more popular then if it was BYGO

strange I know


@fit410s: Marketing. Giving away free stuff lowers the perceived value. Charging for it,but positioning it in a way where the item is just heavily discounted vs being given away for free changed the perceived value entirely. Doesn't work on everyone, obviously, but for the majority of their target audience (the kind that frequent fast food restaurants) I'm sure it works wonders.

And where do you get BK BOGO coupons? I love that place.


Thank you to whoever posted this originally.

I enjoy burger king, and I will most definately hit up a burger king for this deal at least once over the course of this weekend.


Sorry about your boyfriends hours. I guess the majority voted for the wrong guy....


If you insist on having cheese with your whopper bring your own my BK charged me $1.20 extra for both sandwich's. Yes I am guy that would bring his own cheese :)


@kllangellier: They are just trying to keep from paying the heafty tax for Obama Care fro full time employees that starts on Jan 1. Don't be mad at burger king, ber mad at the democrats that said, we don't know what is in the bill. Lets just pass it and find out later. (paraphrazed from Palosi)


No continuity at the BK's.

I was told you could only get ONE at that price.

And, I was only charged .15 for cheese.

Inconsistency, thy name is whopper.


@song0330: Don't all of the BK receipts come with a coupon on the back? All you have to do is fill out a survey, and they'll give you a code for a BOGO.


@me4tj: This is a common misconception of fast FOOD.

It's not the food that does it, it's the supersized, sugared caffeinated BEVERAGE.

If you O.D. on Sugar and Caffeine, you get the runs.

Consider that, when you choose to supersize that Mountain Dew.



Man, you are a serious sore loser,eh?

Get a life, or go freak out on Red State, m'kay?



@mrrocketman: I always put the cheese on when I get home to avoid the expensive cheese charges. Velveeta has cheese slices so I just plop those babies on and it tastes as good or better than the cheese they put on


@zebraitis: I wouldn't say sore loser, just stating the reality of the "affordable care act" is what it is.


@craigster38: It's funny - I got a notification email from Woot that you replied to my comment right as I was waiting for my food at Burger King. The receipt states that in return for taking an online survey, I'll get a code to get either a Whopper or a Original Chicken Sandwich but only with the purchase of a drink and fries. And limited to one survey a month.


@zebraitis: I supersize my diet coke and fries.


Why is my post about diarrhea gone?


I've become a more frequent visitor to Burger King since they've made the upscale changes to their menu. The addition of the Wisconsin Cheddar Whopper and sweet potato fries (I kinda liked the straight ones better than the curly) as well as the expanded rollout of the Coke Freestyle fountains has been a huge win for me.

This promotion, not so much. It used to be that if you bought a combo you could use the free/cheap Whopper coupons with them, and that made this a genuine deal. Now it is a hassle that costs you an extra $4-5 if you want two sandwiches, a fry and a drink, of course depending on your portion sizes and any extras you want, like cheese, bacon, extra condiments. After you throw in your local and state taxes (where applicable) you're paying the same as buying a combo and a separate sandwich.

Still the new menu items are quite good. My digestive system doesn't agree with a lot of it, but nothing that Immodium and Peopto can't fix :D


Why not just call it the Kiker instead,business would be booming


It doesn't work on me.
The more something is discounted, the more likely I am to buy it.


Try the orange coke. It's the best.


my local burger king was running it as BOGO, Not buy 1 get 3 for $0.55.


@superninja: Even if it's discounted down to $0?

Whenever I see a "included FREE with your purchase!", I instantly grow skeptical as to the quality of the free product. I used to fall for that a lot as a kid, now I see it as a sign of (profanity) marketing and/or a bad product.


Went today, the price of a Whopper is $3 almost $4
so it's more like two whoppers for $4
Not bad, but not so great


@superninja: Can't have Coke, diabetic. But a Diet Coke w/ orange & vanilla is QUITE delicious. Raspberry, not so much.


The difference is, I already know what Burger Kings food and regular prices are like, as most people who have eaten there do. If Burger King was a new business, where people had no idea what to normally expect from them, then what you are saying could apply.