dealsblacklight: tango down [pc] on games for windows…


for those interested, PCGamer rates this one at 89. for less than a buck though, you can't really go wrong!


Just don't be an idiot and add the same offer 3 times in 5 min.




@tshirtbordello: to late. 2 other people didn't listen to you.


It prices at 14.99 when I add it to my cart... is it some sort of mail in refund?


Nope, it's not a rebate. It did this on yesterday's 99cent game too. At some point in the day, they'll get it fixed, and it will click through at the right price.


@leesus: install the GfW client. Order by alphabat, find the game and click the Download link. Works this way best.

fyi -
System Requirements
OS: Windows XP® , Windows Vista® , Windows® 7
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or AMD (any dual core)
Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® 6800 or ATI Radeon™ X1800
Hard Drive Space: 2GB
DirectX Version: DirectX® 9.0c


Do you have to use the key it gives us with windows live or can I use it on steam, pretty sure I know the answer already but heres hoping haha.


@joeingo: Well you can't download the game on steam without owning it. You can add it to your library through "Add A Game..." on the bottom of the library screen though it wont come with the logos, backgrounds, and descriptions that Steam games do. People will be able to see that you are playing it through their friends lists.


In the XBox LIVE! Marketplace it shows this as 1200C still (1200MS points).

Is there something I'm missing? This is a game I've been waiting to go on sale for awhile, so if anybody knows what's the dilleyo, I'd appreciate the help :D.

I'm kinda confused too, it says PC in the title, but has the XBL price...

@jockovonred: Can this be bought or played on the 360?


@drchops: NOT an XBOX Live Game, at least not the one on sale. Games for Windows only... When you buy it through Windows Live Marketplace, it is 80 MS Points btw...


@dmmutti: Right on, appreciate it...I didn't think it was, but "80 xbox points" is what confused me...

Too bad you can't buy the license and play it on the console...

Plus they make it sound like they're completely unified...I guess they merged the 360 and the PC in just about every aspect - except the games - the only one that really matters lol... but you CAN "check up" on your Avatar(?)..haha


@drchops: Sorry to make it confusing. Xbox points (aka Microsoft Points) can be used, for both Games for Windows (aka PC) and Xbox.

This game is PC only, not Xbox.

Again sorry if any confusion.


For a dollar, if you play it for a half hour it's still a good deal.


Thank god this game was a dollar. The design decisions are at times approaching user-hostile. Of course like every PC FPS made these days where the company doesn't care about quality, there's no server browser.

If you choose anything other than Team Deathmatch, the matchmaker will drop you into an empty game, guaranteed. Games evidently can't be started without some (relatively high) minimum number of players, so you'll only find a handful of servers that keep enough people around to actually play a game.

There is a nonsensical "intermission" between levels thats as long as 2 minutes. There is no text-based chatting and every 14 year old who plays this game disables push-to-talk so prepare to mute people who broadcast nothing but keyboard noises and the loud TV.

Still, for $1.00 its playable and worth it.


Deal is dead now anyway, but I played the demo on 360 a while back. Really isn't a bad game but concepts and controls were a bit off. Definitely worth a dollar though.