dealsolive garden: never ending pasta bowl for $9.95


Their normal pasta dishes cost more than $9.95 even when they don't do the "Never Ending Pasta Bowl" so this is a great deal. I go every summer!

I don't care if it's authentic or not. I can't really taste the difference between Olive Garden and the average "real non-chain" Italian restaurant around here.


@j0hnlind: moderation is for people who just can't follow through and finish.


My wife and I used to look forward to this as a little treat. The last time we went the quality was so poor that we haven't been back since. I went there on a business trip and got a dish and it was just as bad as it was at home. I'm disappointed and wish they would get back to quality instead of quantity.


We enjoy it now and then. Everything in moderation.


@tewkewl: These fat Americans won more medals, and put a nuclear powered robot on mars, that landed automatically and will live past you, your children, and their kids, all of which cant compete with us "fatties"


I go and pay for the neverending pasta bowl, but all I eat is the salad and breadsticks. It is still worth the money even then, as the pasta, salad and breadsticks are all neverending. And then at the end, I can just take the pasta home if I want or let them throw it away.


let's not forget our lowly friend the all you can eat shrimp at Red Lobster. share the hate around. why should olive garden take all the heat.


@pooflady: touche. hope you don't get diabetes though...


Can't argue with the numbers they release

Allow me to highlight one offered in this deal:
Fettuccine Alfredo: 1220 calories, 75g of fat, 47g of which is saturated.
That's several days worth of fat in one serving. For perspective, a McDonalds Big Mac has 550 calories, 29g of fat, 10g of which is saturated. So you're essentially sitting down and eating three Big Mac's back to back to back......and let's hope you don't get seconds.

It's your money and your body. Do what you'd like. But just be aware of my info before making your decision.


Pasta remains one of the cheapest foodstuffs in dollars per calorie, and I doubt anyone can stuff down more than a dollar's worth, it's only really the meat and cheese in the sauces that costs, so it's unlikely that they lose money on these deals...For $5 a head I can make more pasta at home than any guest could possibly eat, and make more interesting sauces too...


Mawmaw. getchir insulin shots for yer diabeetus! We's goin eyetalian tonight!


@bigray57: And the waiter takes longer and l o n g e r to 'check' on you...


Wouldn't be bad except after your first large bowl, your second and subsequent bowls are served in thimbles!!!


woohoo, I'm gonna put on 4 pounds this week!

friend of mine got this a few years ago, and he was eating so much that after a few hours, the manager came and told him if he just left now, his meal was free. He brought a400 page novel along to read while he was eating, lol!


A never-ending anything bowl is likely not going to be all that good for you or of particularly high quality.


Olive Garden can afford to offer a "never ending pasta bowl" because nobody can gag down more than 1 bowl of it.


Might as well get out the torches and pitchforks, I like their food. So it's not authentic Italian, Taco Bell isn't authentic Mexican and most of the chinese restaurants aren't authentic Chinese, but I eat there and enjoy their food.


@jeffcazier: cuz it's not a deal... it's a curse... the curse of low quality american food eaten by masses of fat americans.... yum.


also, you know it's NOT real italian when they give you naked noodles with sauces poured over it. I have NEVER seen any pasta served that way anywhere in italy. pasta is ALWAYS served tossed in a hot pan WITH the sauce.... if you're gonna have naked pasta with sauce on top, might as well just open up a jar of ragu.


One of a few places where it's OK to pronounce it EYE-tallion, 'cause it sure isn't Italian.


I don't get this promo!

I don't see any way to order it and pay for it.

Is this nothing more than an advertisement?

Do I need a pre-paid dining card, coupon or certificate to get this deal??

There's no place on the screen to actually "BUY" the deal!!!! HUH???


Unfortunately, the fact that their pasta is never al dente and always soggy.... and not authentic at all makes this place an italian version of kryptonite for those of us who enjoy Italian food.


My nona will rise from her grave and smack me with a wooden spoon if I ever eat at Olive Garden.


Time to strap on the feed bag!