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I've had two external Seagate drives die on me within a month of purchasing them. I'd never trust such a large amount of data to a Seagate.


@freeplaypsp: Seagate - for those who really, really, don't like reliability or longevity.


For what it's worth, I have over 10 Seagate drives, none of which have died unnaturally.

-A 40GB IDE drive in my oooooollllld desktop, since 2003.
-A 120GB IDE drive in my PS2, for about 9 years now.
-A 320GB USB2 drive, for about 6 years now
-A 1TB USB2 drive, for about 4 years now (died when I knocked it on the ground, which Seagate replaced immediately via cross-shipment)
-A 1.5TB USB2 drive, for about 2 years now
-4 1TB SATA2 drives running 24/7 in my NAS
-2 3TB USB3 drives, had for a few weeks now
-A 320GB 2.5" drive, for about 4 years now

I'm not saying they're perfect, but they're far from the worst manufacturer, and their warranty replacement service was fantastic when I had to use it.


I run a Seagate 2TB in my desktop... had for 1.5 years, no issues.


All and any drive can and will fail, even the most expensive drives in SANs fail. I've used all the major brands for years, WD, IBM, Seagate, and Maxtor and for the most part they have all been fairly reliable with some failers, somtimes do to negligence on my part. If you data is important to you store it in a RAID configuration so you have a chance of recovery if your drive fails and use a drive like this to hoard junk files. With all that said though, this isn't that good of a price... I picked up the same thing a month ago for 109 at Newegg.