dealsaugen gentouch nba7800atp 7” color touch-screen…


If you feel daring here is a link that will show you how to root it and get the Android Marketplace.

This may not be the best android tablet out there but hey it's dirt cheap and with minor mods you can have full access to the Andoid Marketplace.
Or even for an internet tablet it's worth it.


Where'd all the comments go on this thing? I bought 2 and haven't received them yet.


I got mine yesterday, August 9, 2011.


OK, I defended this "tablet" when it was for sale on Woot, for $60. So as a high-end tablet user (ASUS Transformer, 32GB) let me give you some tips.

-- This is a resistive screen. Touching the icons with your finger tip is useless. You must use the included stylus. In a pinch you can use your fingernail, but that's not too precise.

-- Out of the box the touch calibration will be off. You need to calibrate the screen with the stylus.

-- There is no program in "Settings" to do this." But the applications does have an icon that opens the program "TouchCalibrate." After you do that, the stylus works quite well.

-- The microSD slot is misaligned with the plastic case. I inserted a chip inside the case. So I simply removed the four screws, removed the two case halves and retrieved the chip. From then on I have looked to see that the chip is actually going inside the metal slot.

-- The unit did an OTA update as soon as I connected to WiFi.



-- Video: I placed WMV and MP4 movies on a microSD chip and they both played fine. Video quality was quite good, especially on a $60 device.

-- A pleasant surprise is that this version of Android (2.1.-update1) is that there's live wallpapers on the machine. (Many 2.1 devices cannot play Live Wallpaper.)

-- Inside there's about a 2500 mHz battery.

-- WiFi detected all WiFi in the area and connected fine to mine.

-- Since this is apparently NOT a Google licensed version of Android you cannot set up G-Mail to check your accounts and push mail to the device. But you can log on to Gmail via the browser and check g-mail that way.

-- There is an e-mail program that allows you to connect POP to email accounts. That does push emails (via WiFi) to the device.

Bottom line: This is a good value for $60. Use the stylus and you might actually enjoy using this tablet. Don't compare it to $300/$500 tablets. That's silly. If you want a $500 tablet, open the wallet and buy one.


I got them on Saturday. They are serving their purpose... portable video players to keep the kids entertained for very long drives. I tried mp4, divx, and matroska files. All of them worked out-of-the box. I loaded up a 16GB micro SD for each tablet and tested every file. No problemo.

After we get our use out of them on our next road trip, I'll repurpose at least one of them for tinkering. I'd like to root it and see if I can get all the google apps (market, gmail, etc.) on there and working.

I'm pleased with my purchase; but knowing my luck, the kids will just want to color.


Just a tip on rooting this or otherwise fooling with it:

-- Most site (e.g., XDA) have abandoned playing with this device, for many reasons, mostly because Google and Android are not licensed to be on this device. So when Google detects the device you are attempting to log in from, it kicks you out.

-- Rooters have reported a number of problems with rooting. Sounds like it's not worth the hassle. As a "hobby" or challenge you might want to see what you can do, and find out this devices limits, but some users have reported bricking their machines.

-- Remember that Augen is no more, so anything you do to this machine will be based on really old drivers, etc.

-- Your best bet is to simply "sideload" APK files, apps and programs (meaning to install them from links you send to yourself from gmail or that you have placed on your microSD card).

-- Sideloading some apps may brick your device. Best bet is to install apps compatible with Android 2.1 or lower.



-- It's a $60 device, don't put too much work into this thing.

-- If I have the Acer Iconia and ASUS tablets, 32 GB models, why did I buy a
"broken down, feeble" tablet (And that's using the term "tablet" loosely)?

For me, it's the stylus.

As you know, modern tablets like the ASUS Transformer do NOT use a stylus. Matter of fact, try using a stylus on a 2011 tablet, it won't work. This "outdated" tablet is the opposite. A stylus works, touching with the finger does not.

Well, my sister has ALS and the disease has debilitated her to the point she can't use her two fingers (one on each hand) all that well to press touchscreen keys. But she can use a pencil with some proficiency.

Second, even with the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant phone that I gave her, with its 4" screen, the keys are too small to type with. For her the Augen is perfect because she can type with ease using the stylus (I may extend it my gluing it inside a pencil).

So see, there's a need for these "antiques."


A final comment:

-- If you can't resist the rooting siren song, simply conduct a Google search for "rooting Augen Gentouch" or "root Augen" and all kinds of sites will pop up.

In 2010 this device was quite popular to tinker with.

-- Sadly, but I remind myself it was $60, there's apparently a Version 2 of this device. It has a 3.5 mm audio port. Ours have a 2.5 mm port. But remember, it's $60. :)

Recall my earlier posts. In 1999 I paid $600 each for two portable Panasonic DVD players, that had 5" displays. In 2011 to pay $60 for a video player with 7" TFT screens, and where I can place 30 movies on a chip, instead of playing one DVD at a time, well... that's a bargain at twice the price. ;)

And this device has the added bonus as the functional equivalent of uber expensive "internet appliances" from a few years back.


My tablets have the 3.5mm audio jack. I know this only because I'm plugging standard-sized headphones into both of them w/o a problem.


I am envious. I read somewhere that some people are getting the Version 2 model with the 3.5 mm port.

Oh well, I'll just have to use the 2.5 to 3.5 adapter. Those are available on eBay for about $2. :)


antually the 2nd version (w/ 3.5mm jack) is the newer and different enough that just about all the development/hacking won't work. All the guides on are for the first model. I tried it and temporarily bricked mine. luckily I was able to find the original firmware online...