dealsdell inspiron intel core i3 11.6" 2gb mem 250 gb…


Looks like I just bought a replacement to my old Latitude D420. :)

On the low side for memory, but seeing 4gb can be had for $20, it's hardly a detriment. Reviews say the keyboard is good ... I hope so. My biggest gripe with netbooks/ultra-portable laptops have been smaller-than-normal keyboards and poor price/performance.


No DVI out on this computer = dealbreaker for me.


Just got mine yesterday. (Thanks Newegg "1 day" shipping from NJ to SE PA!) Very nice compared to my old 10" Acer that I got off Woot refurb'd in '09 and an 11.6" Acer I recently picked up for my mom for $250 (I think) at Staples. Haven't booted the Win7 partition yet but shrunk that partition some, installed Ubuntu 12.04 off of USB and it is running quite well on it. Memory is easy to access to upgrade, it doesn't take much to get in to the HDD or mini cards either. (In process of trying to add internal Bluetooth via a card add/swap.) Wrist pad can get a little warm. Dell lists this in the BIOS as a model 1121, I believe this is a newer version of their 11z series. Dell service docs on it can be found here:

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