dealsduracell aa batteries (40-pack) for $10.95 + $3…


here's a direct link to the proper deal at -->

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also, I noticed the title of this post says $14.94 + Free Shipping but in actuality and even in the description of the deal (above), they are $10.95 + $3.99 for shipping which of course = $14.94


Same price at at Costco w/ current coupon


@greenova: Your link has a $17.95 price tag.
Go to and click on deal 2.


I ordered this awhile back - and got a cardboard box with a bunch of batteries inside. They still seem legit, but just a little strange to see something that is not remotely close to factory packaging.


$13.99 on Amazon during their lightning deals -

Under an hour to go though


Through a group buy at work, I was able to get 24 packs of Energizer AA or AAA for $4.32 plus sales tax. Other battery types were available at similar prices. Shipping was free because 6 of us in the office combined orders to get over the $50 mark.

If you work for a company that is a member of a group buy organization, I'd suggest you check it out. Ours is mostly meh but sometimes there are really good deals to be had.