dealsmicrosoft xbox live 1600 microsoft points…


Still sitting on 60 cards from the $10 BF Target mishap, but anytime these are on sale is a good grab, they're rarely ever lower than $20.


@cjpicare: Sell me two of them for $15 each? ;-)


I guess I'm missing something here. You can get 1600 points for $19.99 any time. I think that BF deal for $10 was awesome. I'll have to keep an eye out for that next year.


@eking1013: I'll help you. $19.99 - $18.49 = $1.50
You're saving $1.50 on every card you buy.
Think of it as the currency exchange rate from US dollars to MS Points has changed in your favor.


I'm in for 5 as well. Have been keeping an eye out for deals on MS points and this is the first one I've seen in forever.


@cjpicare: Geez, I bought a total of 6 of those cards (with manager override required to honor the price mistake), and thought that was pushing it. 60?!? Were most or all of those in the first few hours before they "fixed" the price mistake?


Why was the Target BF deal a mishap? I got some in the afternoon. We didn't go out on BF morning, but hit target fairly late. (11:30am) I noticed them on the flyer on the wall. Went to electronics and there were none in the XBOX section but found some near the registers. I scanned them and they showed $10 I used my Target Debit card and got 5 of them for$9.50 each.

I only have about 1700 points left. :-( Wish I had more at that price.


The target deal was a mishap because it was merely designed to get people into the store. I spoke to the manager at one store who told me that the number of $10 deal points cards available at each store was limited to around 15-20 regardless of how many physical cards were sitting in the store. People continued to point to the pricing in the ad that said "While supplies last"; and the employees would price override without the understanding that the cards were prepaid and not actual merchandise. We can only speculate what kind of damages target took for this.


The printed version of the Target ad showed the points cards, but the updated online version of the ad showed the 3-month live cards. It looks like they printed the wrong picture in the ad. Then their registers honored the price for the points cards for the first 12 hours or so of the deal, but by Friday afternoon, they no longer automatically rang up for $10. At three different locations, I had to get an override to get them to honor the price. The first time, the clerk did it himself, the other two times, they called over a manager. I had a copy of the ad with me, otherwise, I don't think they would have honored it. And I was only buying 2 at a time, not trying to "horde" up with a stack up them.