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I realize B3 was a great game, I understand that this is likely to be equally as good. HOWEVER, it is time we as gamers cease pre-ordering games we know nothing about. Remember Colonial Marines? Stop allowing publishers and developers to lie to us. There is nothing to gain from pre-ordering on our end, it only serves to promote misleading business practices.


Preordering on the macro level gives the publisher a good idea how many copies to produce to make sure supply meets demand.

On the micro level, preordering gives retailers a pretty good idea how many copies they need to order to make sure they don't sell out or end up with a warehouse full of unsold copies.

For the individual gamer, pre-ordering allows them to get the game they want without waiting or risk of sell-out, most preorders come with promotional incentives at no extra charge, and sometimes preorders are sold at a bit of a discount. Most retailers don't charge payment (and allow the buyer to cancel without penalty) until the game ships, so if you read the pre-release reviews and decide the game's going to suck, you can just cancel it and forget it.

All that to say, preordering helps everyone, and if you know you're going to end up buying a game shortly after it's released, preordering is a no-brainer.


I'm assuming that if I ordered this, I would not get Battlefield 3 until 4's release date. Does anyone know for sure though? Is there any chance I could get my copy of 3 sooner?


BF4 isnt out for a year or so and they already sell me expansion packs? FU EA.


@pirate943: I loved BF3, but I second your motion. I'm suprised they didn't make this for PS4 or the new Xbox knowing how close the release date for the new gen consoles are. Would have been an epic release to issue this game along side with new consoles.


@pirate943: Unfortunately, this is standard practice with more companies than just EA. 0 day DLC or on disc DLC is terrible, but the problem is that the masses just accept it. If people en mass would just say "Release day DLC?" and not buy the product, companies would learn real quick. But that will never occur. Same thing with always on DRM.

I think the first instance of this I recall was Soul Calibur 4. Yoda and Vader's apprentice available on disc, but had to buy DLC to unlock it. They did not get my money.

Now I pretty much wait 6 months or whatever for the extended edition that includes the base game and all the DLC for $40, or even cheaper if you can find a steam deal.


*Edit, BF4 will be on next gen consoles, my mistake.


@themaddox: Everyone should have known colonial marines was not going to wow anyone... just like the walking dead fps.


@nlaroy: And yet people pre-ordered by the bus load, and rewarded a company for that mess of a game.


@barac: To the first point, on the macro level it doesn't matter, a triple A game like B4 is not going to sell out completely in your town, its not going to happen. If you are a PC player then digital distribution negates that unlikelihood entirely. Pre-ordering at this point makes absolutely zero sense.

And yes, sometimes pre-orders do have tiny bonuses. The ones that truly matter or make a difference to a purchase are literally ripped out of the game in order to sell pre-order bonuses. Do you really want to support selling an incomplete product? Some of the bonuses are purely cosmetic and that is fine, I have no issue with that.

For this one they did the same thing with B3 and I was able to go to the store and pick up limited edition and get the first DLC free as well, it is likely to be the same this time. There is honestly no reason in this day and age to pre-order, unless you just want some little pittance of a bonus they throw at you.


Pre-order at Gamestopand get a set of BF4 dogtags and an exclusive DLC for the game.

Here's a pic of the tags.


@barac: "A no brainer"...I suppose so, if you live over 10 years in the past. Give an idea how much to produce? For a good that has increasingly gone the way of digital distribution? By a company who has been nickel and diming their customers for years? A one year PRE-order is a no brainer?

Pre-ordering used to be something worthwhile. An expansion pack at time of launch is as big of an insult to the gamers as can be had. Games have been coming through with disturbingly high levels of issues, from poor creation at start to launch-day pay for DLC.

When companies like EA spend 100 million in marketing a single game, the cost goes to the consumer. A game, that has already had a huge following and whose biggest hurdle is the reputation of the company itself and their still poorly implemented digital distribution system.

Companies like that must love people like you.


@nlaroy: I wonder how you based that comment about A:CM not wowing anyone . Alien is a huge franchise with a massive worldwide following.Demo footage by Gearbox gave ample reason for fanbase excitement. So, pre-orders were a viable thing. The released content is a perfect argument against pre-orders.

Gearbox has taken massive hits to their reputation after A:CM, as they should. Duke Nukem Forever was bad, but leniency was given on account of the source material and time constraints.It was not all their work. Borderlands 1 and 2 were marvelous games and earned Gearbox the faith of the gaming community. With A:CM, they lied from start to finish. So, they are feeling the effects. As well they should.They have ruined a franchise and disrupted a story line almost 30 years old . That story and the following were WHY so many people had high expectations for the game once GB had the reigns.


@themaddox: That may be true for new IP's or ones who have not been around for a while but for AAA titles that have proved themselves over and over like Battlefield or Borderlands, I believe that a preorder is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. In fact I will do it just to show my support for the game. PS: After the 17 mins of game play they showed we all know this game will not suck.

Edit: And how can you say we know nothing about it when they showed a surprisingly large chunk of mostly game play footage so we know how it is going to handle. If you didn't get to see the video, here it is:


@livinonedge: I bet they have a version for those systems in the works too but they probably won't mention it until E3 when they will really start showing some stuff on the new systems.

Edit: Sorry I didn't see that you said this a few comments later.


Yeah. Unless you bought the new simcity. That was/is a complete disaster. Even Amazon quit selling it and was actually giving refunds.


@themaddox: I agree. I stopped preordering games mainly because I got such a backlog. I also realized I don't need the Super Razor Grappling Gun Bonus that'll kill 5 enemies with one shot while doing back flips with the Carbon skin camo. It's so much better waiting a couple weeks for a discount. I know for MP games this is tough to do but it is so much better since you'll be getting the game when most of the bugs have been worked out. We also need to stop that Map Pack craze and micro transactions. You get a $60 game and all the other added crap it comes to about $100/game, at least. When we buy a game we should get ALL DC for free. I don't have a problem rewarding the developers on good work but it's at the point where they turned that around on us and taking advantage and raping our wallets over greed.


firstly if they used preorders to any gage of selling power Best Buy and others wouldn't have been selling Bops2 release copies well into december b&m and online.

2nd - EA sux - they treat customers like endless flows of cash...and it takes massive customer force to get them to do the simplest things - like give estimated information of patches and updates through Dice.

3rd 17 minutes of campaign play tells you absolutely nothing about multiplayer and THAT is what 95% of the audience wants. Campaign in BF3 was done in about 4 days - under 20 hours for me and I'm not nearly as hardcore as most.
I have all but sworn off EA games regardless of the awesomeness of the franchise and if more people do the same they'll make firing the CEO that just happened recently.


I'm joining the "F* EA/Not Pre-ordering" camp. I'm not going to rail about being an early adopter, pre-ordering BF3 Limited Edition and then being asked to pay the same price for some of the DLC I already owned. But when it is recommended to buy a new disc — waste — for half the price of downloading the add-on content, I have a serious problems with the DICE/EA math on that decision. I'll make the logical choice to wait 6 months after it is released, get access to everything with one purchase, and take advantage of the once-a-month double XP weekends....

If I purchase BF4 at all, that is; this DLC gimmick is getting out of control. I've recently found myself playing RBI Baseball and NHL 94 more than anything.


I'd never preorder anything. Nothing they give you is game changing or generally even useful. Plus if they can ship the game with expansion packs it just goes to show they are selling an incomplete product for a cash grab. If you've played one shooter, you've played every shooter out there. I have no problem waiting and getting the game and every single DLC in the game of the year edition, or something similar for half the price. Even waiting a month will get you a nice discount and some DLC's.


How long until they break this game by letting people buy kits with microsoft points after other people have struggled to earn them?
Oh, and are they going to screw up the servers again too?

Not interested.


I understand everybodies point on here: EA hate, day 0 DLC hate etc. and more than anything i realize that the internet is just a place where anonymity reigns supreme and people can complain about whatever they want.
To be perfectly honest, you guys are looking at a deal (FREE GAME (BF3)) and somehow still getting mad that not only are you getting a free game, but some little extras on day one, if you dont like it.....D O N T B U Y I T !
It really is just that simple, dice made a fantastic game, and judging by the 17 min footage of GAMEPLAY, i'm in for one.
One last thing anyone who complains about "aliens colonial marines" got what they deserved, you bought a game based off an extremely early trailer, from....who.... SEGA! lol, sucks to be you, but i think i'll go with dice!


@dtownboys15: I for one am someone who argues almost daily with friends about how much better BF3 is than their beloved black ops II but, that doesn't mean I'm going to ride the car off the cliff. Shady tactics are still shady. Btw does anyone remember when buying a new expansion also expanded the single player campaign? We're getting ripped on that also. Luckily I'm a pc gamer so I get a slight price break and the fact that I can just hold out until I feel the product actually commands the price. In the end you're absolutely correct, we don't have to buy and that's what a lot of people are doing. Not buying.


Sorry .... so much going on here so I may be duplicating info but ... if you must pre-order, do it on Amazon. I've done it in the past and every once in a while I get an email that says something like "Hey, we dropped the price for an hour so you get that price now." I'm not sure if other sites do that but I've had several occasions where I've pre-ordered through Amazon and I get an email and I think "wow, didn't know I had that on pre-order" At least I know I will get their lowest price.


I realize this thread is like 6 months old (BF4 is out in 2 days and I'm just making sure I get the best deal), but I'm pretty sure @themaddox wasn't saying pre-ordering in general was a bad idea.. just that pre-ordering games that aren't due out for months is.