dealsnewegg: 15% off all keyboards


Thank you! I've been waiting to pick up a good gaming keyboard.


@jonartz: You're welcome. :) Always glad to help someone pick up new toys.


@jonartz: I've got one on my wish list. Woo hoo!

Thanks for the post!


@blindandcynical: I was thinking the same thing even though the price is a little more than I wanted. There are a few others out there.

Honestly, I wanted that Tron keytboard that was on Woot a few days ago for $80 but I missed it. I have the Tron mouse and I wanted to complete the nerd cred. Of course brand new the thing is like $120 so that's right out. This keyboard might suffice with all of it's blue LED action.


i wont have any money till the 18th :/. i need a new keyboard, my old G110 is start to act goofy


In for the Corsair k90 ( ) It also has a separate 20 dollar mail in rebate.
Been wanting to go mechanical for a very long time now, but didn't have the heart to abandon my Razer Lycosa I've had for years :( Well, noticed today that my A key is finally bad enough to warrant replacing, and this deal happened to pop up on D.Woot! what luck!