dealsworld market: 750 ml torani syrups two for $10.00


I would love to try these. (Shipping $4.95)


Shelley, who writes The World According to Eggface, talks about these all the time. This is one of the food items included on her Pantry Essentials list.


Regularly $7.95, so a good deal in store. Make sure you choose syrups with cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. We like to use these with our Sodastream to make flavored sodas.


Used to get a drink from a local pub and coffee shop all the time that used these, a fantastic use for them. They call it a French soda.

Club soda
Favorite Torani flavor
Splash of half and half

So delicious, and you can invent your own soda flavors, including my favorite, pumpkin pie soda and s'mores soda (combining the toasted marshmallow and chocolate Toranis).

edit: looks like they make a S'mores flavor :)


I usually buy them at starbucks for about $8