dealslego man or blocks style silicone ice cubeā€¦


Nice optional add on - "Donate a Pair of Thermal Socks To Our Local Shelter for $1"


If you feel like waiting 3 weeks for delivery..... and don't buy the mystery items, major let down, last time I got 2 tins of expired candy


@mkentosh: yeah I've had similar experiences with them. and the prices generally aren't that great. but @belyndag posts a lot of deals from them and a few others so I always upvote the deals.


@luke975: Thanks. I really have nothing but good things to say about them. Frankly, I NEVER order anything online expecting it to come quickly. That way I tend to be pleasantly surprised when things arrive in under two weeks. Some of their stuff ships more slowly than others, but as I've said before, it's nice to get a live person on the phone when you call with a question or problem (I always ask for Jessie), and they respond to emails within 24 hours, too.


@belyndag: nah I don't expect anything from 13deals, tanga, etc to come quickly. I do expect woot to stay within their shipping guidelines and they don't always do that. and responding to customer service requests seems to be difficult as of late for woot. the fact that the holidays were upon us is simply no excuse. I'm sure they had no problem with the increased business due to the holiday season.

my expectations with amazon is different. I pay for prime shipping, and I expect to get my items when promised. too often amazon simply blames the shipper for the delays. As I've been told in the past by amazon when selling items, it is my responsibility to ensure the items reach the buyer in a timely manner.

but after reading peoples problems with 13 deals, tanga, etc. it doesn't appear shipping times are their only problem. I know I've gotten items that were labeled as new but obviously weren't, or a coffee bag once that even described as used was in horrible condition.