dealsskylanders spyro's adventure figures buy 1 get 1…


Every time I look at these, I think: "Wow, what a great marketing idea!"

Sell a toy, let the kid play the character in a game. It's like DLC you can hold.
Serious, whoever thought of this deserves a medal.



And it works.

My kids are crazy about them and so is everyone they know.


It helps that the game is actually entertaining. I enjoy playing it and I actually don't mind dropping money on the figures every now and again.

That being said, I can only speak for online but this deal only applies to Spyro's Adventures singles. Adventure Packs, Character Packs, and Skylander Giants figures are excluded.

per Buy 1 Get 1 75% off All Skylanders Spyro's Adventure single character figures, excludes Skylanders Giants.


Yerp, very much agree...It's not something I mind them spending their allowances on.

My only gripe is that the QC on some of the models is wonky.
The flagship characters are excellently painted and finished with textured layered paint and depth, whereas some of the other characters look like a 7 year old painted them.


@silentlegend: They do add value to it, though, in the codes that come with each. My son can play a half dozen versions of the game and has the same characters unlocked in every single one.


I thought at first it was a lame gimmick. But after buying it for my 5 year old, i find its one of the few games we can play together and both actually enjoy. The other being lego star wars. but def buy this if your a gamer looking to play with their kids. Even my wife is in on it.


@blackbradpitt: Skylanders and LEGO games make this truly a golden age for parent-child co-op. Thouhg with Disney Infinity I can only cringe. I don't need MORE.


Sorry that I forgot to put in the title that it was for single figures only.

Like several people here, this game has been a great father son experience for myself and my son. My son had been asking for it for some time and my wife and I kept saying no. Hes only 5 and most times when hes playing a game he needs help and he needs help a lot. Most kids games are tedious and to be honest, I hate them. Finally I broke down and bought my son Skylanders Giants. He got the hang of it really quick and rarely needs help. When he does I actually dont mind helping because its actually a fun game. He will watch me play whatever part he cant complete and he will decide which skylander he thinks is best for each situation.

But, like blackbradpitt said, I know once my son sees Disney Infinity hes going to want it. I too cringe at the thought. Not cause I think its going to be bad, I really dont know, but all I see is dollar signs. Im officially scared.


@chronosquall14: Agree 100%. My 4 year-old has blown through Lego Batman and Lego Batman 2, and moved on to Lego Raiders of the Lost Ark. First thing he asks when I come home each night is whether we can go play "the game." Lego Pirates is next, or possibly Star Wars (looking for used or clearance copies that have been marked down in price).

He also seems to like Skylanders. He tags along with me on errands, and I make a point of stopping in Best Buy, where they have a demo Skylanders set up (we didn't have it at home). Tough to pry him away from it.

Coincidentally, I picked up the Skylanders starter kit (game + portal + 3 figures) tonight at Sam's Club. They have them marked down to $54.96 (same kit is $75 at Target and $65 at Amazon). So if you don't have Skylanders yet, you might want to check Sam's.