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Picked up a pair of the Puma FAAS 250 NMs at TJ Maxx a couple weeks back for $30. YMMV.


^ YMMV Literally means "Your mileage may vary" but is often used in forum talk meaning that your results will vary.


@fit410s: Thank you for saving me a ten-second trip to Google. Was wondering what that meant.


Ok, I was just on Puma's site. Nothing against Puma here but what ever happened to a clean looking pair of tennis shoes? I admit I am 35 years old but I still enjoy sports and just walking around in some good tennis shoes but all these new colors and paterns and designs......I just can't buy those. I think I would look weird, or like "that" guy that is trying to dress like a teenager again. Anyone else feel this way or am I just getting too old too fast?