dealsnook simple touch for $59.00 + free shipping


The Nook Touch is a great ereader. Its light, and the screen refreshes at a very good rate. While only 2 gig built in memory, it has an Micro SD slot to expand memory.

If a user loads a lot of books, be sure to use the shelf system, to keep looking for titles easier.

NO, its not a tablet, but for folks that want a light ereader with excellent eink paper and very good charge time...this is a very good buy.

The Nooks native format to read is Epub. It can also do text and PDF files...


I was given one over a year ago and have only charged it about 4 times since then. I read from it when waiting for my wife and similar. It is for reading books and it does that beautifully...absolutely no complaints. I link to my router when I want new stuff to read and download very quickly from B&N. Many free books there and others are inexpensive.


I got ours almost a year ago on the "buy a refurbed Nook Color and get a refurbed Simple touch " deal, only wanted the Color to root but fell in love with the Simple Touch. As others have accurately stated, only charged it 4 times in the last year, and it's a lightweight joy to read on it. No backlight, don't care. I read on it for 3 hours today alone with no eye strain. Good price!


Awww, waited to long to jump on this deal trying to decide between it a kindle e-reader or getting a tablet and now it's sold out. Oh well, as tablet prices plummet so too will e-readers, I can wait a little while longer to join the rest of the world in abandoning the print format.


I've had a Kindle Touch and this Nook Simple Touch (plus a Nook Color), and I've spent far more time with this. Nook Simple Touch is an elegant, easy-to-use eReader with both touch and tactile navigation options (which you'll want after the hundredth time you accidentally advance two pages on the Kindle Touch).

The only think I'd want to add to this is GlowLight, but a clip-op reading light works well for that.

Highly recommended, especially for the price.


For those wanting to side load their own books, Calibre is a fantastic free program


Also a fun thing to root(touchnooter). Throws android 2.2 on it I believe and therefore you can have the kindle app along with other reading apps to make this a general all in one ereader. Don't forget its an ereader though so when your screwing around with Android, don't get angry that the screen is slow.

Side note, if you do decide to do this. Grab the dropbox app through the amazon store to get other files onto the nook. (amazon will need one click purchasing turned on) You will need this because you will need an older version of the kindle app that you can find elsewhere.


Can't say enough good things about the Nook Simple Touch. It works great, it's super-light, and the battery really lasts for a month or two. It also supports side-loading DRM-free epub files, so unlike the Kindle, you don't have to be locked in to one store for life. Note that this is the version without the backlight (I just upgraded), but for 60 bucks this is a steal.


Got one for Christmas for our son. The touch screen is very dodgy and we can't unlock the screen half the time. Turns out it's a common issue with no solution. We tried cleaning the screen and restarting it several times. Piece of junk.


@lukifer23: It also supports side-loading DRM-free epub files, so unlike the Kindle, you don't have to be locked in to one store for life.

Why do you think you'd be locked into the amazon store only? I use calibre to load my own drm-free mobi files onto my kindle all the time...


I just wanted to chime in here, since I've been a Nook Simple Touch owner for a while. I love this e-reader and I was originally very skeptical about e-readers. It's light, has long battery life and isn't cluttered with all kinds of extraneous buttons. I recently had the opportunity to pick up the Simple Touch with Glowlight at an insane price - literally insane, it must have been a misprint on Cowboom. As much as I loved the Simple Touch, the Glowlight is even better. Not sure if I would have paid the extra money for the Glowlight if not for the deal I got, but if you're on the fence it's definitely a great user experience.


Had one for over a year. Hated the idea as I am rabid colletor of print books. But you know what......this thing is great. Small, light, easy on the eyes. I read about 3 hrs a day on all sorts of topics. Recommended for what it,s worth.