dealshp touchpad custom fit case for $9.99


love this case. fits wonderful.


It's a great case at a great price...


it will eventually warp near the power button and usb port (see )

Same happened to mine after a few months. Not a huge problem and at $10 it's not a deal breaker.


Awesome, I've been looking for a case since picking up the touchpad from woot a few months ago.


It warps after a few months, but you can warp it back by blasting it with a hair dryer or heat gun and pushing it back into place.

It is a high quality case and is the most functional case, in my opinion, available for the Touchpad.


I already have a carbon fiber skin on my TP, would it still fit?


@garygary52: Yes, the skin is very thin and this case will accommodate for it. I have a skinomi skin on mine and it fits fine in the case.

As for bending/warping/cracking. I don't have those problems. I got mine directly from HP if that makes any difference. I also don't leave it out in the sun all day. I've had my case "installed" ever since the fire sale. I don't know what the hell happened to that case pictured in the link, but it's probably due to the user treating it rough.

My only gripe is that the velcro wears out. It's a shame that Apple's iPad much simpler case is so much better than HPs equivalent.

A steal at $9.99.


4/5 Stars

My review:
My one and only case for my 32GB (1st fire sale) TP. I like it a lot. It feels and looks great. Fits the TP quite nicely. Popped into place when I got it and I haven't removed it since.

The Good:
-Fits like a glove
-Professional looking
-Nice texture
-Kickstand function works "well" (but not perfectly, see "The Bad:")

The Bad:
-Warps over time near the power button (I do not have warping by the USB port...yet?)
-Cannot use (comfortably) with the touchstone charging dock. It's awkward and slides off the chin of the stand often. A simple modification may fix this.
-Cover doesn't stay closed (a known limitation... you get used to it)
-Cover can be flimsy (also a known limitation)
-Kickstand can be finicky if you don't align the velcro properly, it will wobble when set down unless you fix it.

See my other post for "The REALLY Bad:"


Now, I may be the first one to report this issue, you'll have to let me know. About a month ago I noticed 2 vertical stripes in the screen (in portrait mode). I thought is may be from the LCD lamps, but it's actually from the cover of the case. I theorize unequal pressure on the screen where the 2 split seams are has created a deformation in the LCD panel. A second theory I have is that it could be from heat dissipation from the screen (when the cover is over the screen) where the 2 seams are on the case cover (where it can fold up). If more heat is being isolated away from the seams, this can possibly cause progressive discoloration of the screen. Sometimes when I knock the power cord it will trip the LCD screen to stay on and I think it will sometimes STAY on too long. I won't notice because the screen is covered. Of course, these are just my theories. Please let me know if anyone else has this issue!


I bought this case with my TouchPad during the employee fire sale shortly after the initial one. I have not had it off the thing.

Mine does have the slight warping by the power button and the USB port. I don't consider it a big deal. I have not had an issue with the Velcro, and I use it daily.

The inside of the front cover sits on the table when used as a easel, so it picks up dust, but it can be brushed off.


Just another reminder of how I got booted off the HP ebay firesale multiple times. Boo.


$8.15 shipping kinda kills it. If you have prime - well, goody for you. However I did find another touchstone (damaged box) for $29.99 with $4.15 shipping. So that deal made up for the case.


@kylelmccoy: Check out the other sellers. It looks like someone else is selling it new for $9.99 and free shipping.